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What is Small Business Financing?

Business financing is when a small business receives financing, such as a business loan, merchant cash advance, or line of credit, that is used solely for business purposes. In fact, most businesses rely on small business financing to help meet many of their needs. Small business financing can apply to anything business-related such as marketing efforts, location expansion, and general working capital. At Money Lending Today, we understand how small businesses operate and we’ve created financing solutions to meet those needs. Our funding solutions offer a simple application process, easy-to-understand terms, and flexible payment options so small businesses can obtain the working capital they need when they need it most. It all starts with an application so we can learn more about your small business. If we’re a fit and your business is fully approved, our team will work diligently to send over your business’ funds as quickly as possible. Browse our financing options and see what’s right for your business!

Merchant Cash Advance*

A merchant cash advance is great for businesses that want more flexibility as the advance has variable payments based on credit card sales or other receivables.

Small Business Loan*

Great for receiving funds in one lump sum with fixed payments and terms. Small business loans are ideal for bridging a gap in cash flow, one-off equipment purchases, capitalizing on a new opportunity, or completing a big job.

Line of Credit*

A business line of credit is a flexible funding option that works on a revolving basis. It provides businesses with an approved amount of working capital funds that they can draw on whenever they need it. A business line of credit is valuable for unexpected expenses, acting as a cushion for cash flow during slow times.

Bridge Loan*

Bridge loans are short-term loans available to businesses while they secure permanent financing or remove an existing financial obligation. Ideal for businesses that need to meet current obligations with immediate cash flow.

SBA Loan*

An SBA loan is a long-term, low-fee small business loan partially guaranteed by the government that can be used for business purposes.

Invoice Factoring*

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivables factoring, allows businesses to turn pending invoices into immediate funds.

Asset Based Loan*

Asset-based loans are based on company assets that are used as collateral to secure business financing. This allows you to borrow on an ongoing basis to cover expenses or investments.

Commercial Real Estate Loan*

A loan to help finance the purchase, development, or repair of land, buildings, offices, and other commercial properties.

Small Business Financing Questions to Consider

A merchant cash advance is a great option for businesses that accept credit cards, have lots of receivables, or are seasonal. It’s based on the businesses’ credit card sales or other receivables, so payments are flexible. If a business is looking for a higher financing amount and fixed payments, then a small business loan may be a better solution for the business.

How long your business needs working capital for can guide you towards the best option for your business. Merchant cash advances and lines of credit are the most flexible when it comes to shorter-term financing. Small business loans are great for long-term financing as your business may have up to 60 months to repay.

While some small business financing does take into account your credit score, the majority of commercial financing companies rely more on the performance of your business. Certain financing products, such as a merchant cash advance, typically allow for a lower credit score, whereas a line of credit might require a higher credit score.

Lines of credit could be the best business financing option since, once approved, you have access to a pre-determined amount whenever your business needs it.

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*Small Business Financial Solutions, LLC offers term loans and lines of credit (pursuant to its California Lenders License No. 603-I855) and factoring in California. Small Business Financial Solutions, LLC and Money Lending Today Services, LLC offer term loans, lines of credit and factoring outside of California. Commercial Servicing Company, LLC arranges term loans and lines of credit in California (pursuant to its California Finance Lenders License No. 603-J299) and arranges term loans, SBA loans, lines of credit, factoring, asset-based loans, commercial real estate loans and business credit cards outside of California.

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